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What is the point?

My favorite thing of all time is creating. The kind of feeling I get when I finish taking an idea from my brain and turning it into a real, tangible thing is second to none. This applies to all paintings, drawings, even this website and my business cards. Those few moments you get while you say "wow, I made this" right before moving on to the next project are the moments I live for. You are either a creator in this world or a consumer. I have made my decision.



My vision is to have a prolific body of work, something that takes me an entire lifetime to realize. I lose sleep over where I think my art will be in twenty years. I am trying to fit in somewhere between modern art and pop art, but clearly after both. You could call it post-post-pop if you were the kind of person that needed to label things.  I don't control my art, it controls me. What I would like my audience to realize, is that every piece is adding to the conversation on current social norms and ideas. I am trying to deconstruct the system we use to make our opinions about each other and ourselves.


Social Impact

My work represents the impact that social media has on our lives. Each short snapshot of reality we our forced to watch has an affect on us. We live our lives believing what we see, we paint pictures in our minds of what we think of people based on what they post on the internet. We compare ourselves to those curated ideals. I am trying to do the opposite. I am trying to rub your face in the opposite. I want to remind you that you can't believe what you see, by showing you the opposite.


I want to be able to take an image and COMPLETELY reverse it TO SOMETHING that you can't figure out. I want the image to return to its original pile of COLORS. Colors have messages, by taking an image back to its basics, i change that message.



Where does my art fit in?

I am trying to figure that out, I am a late comer to pop art, so I'm forced to call it something else. I think of possibility, and how to channel our experience of life into the conversation. A huge amount of praise goes out Roy Lichtenstein because his work inspired me to paint in general. The thematic similarities are whatever - I just really love his work. I grew up watching cartoons, and I think its interesting to find another realm of possibility within that.


My brain never turns off, it's always looking for something that can make an impact. I am lucky that my content is basically force fed to us. A lot of it comes down to the exceptional work of advertisers over the years - everything we live and breathe these days is because companies want us to spend our money. Social media stars, celebrities, Twinkies.


We think its normal. People need to wake up, realize that yes, we are going to get this stuff rammed down our throats, but what is being rammed down our throats is not theology, its product. That distinction is a driving force behind my work. 


The next 100 years

Art is going in an interesting direction, I think the next 100 years we will see some of the best work we have ever seen. I say that because we have already made all of these major breakthroughs - with impressionism, with cubism, with abstraction, ready made, pop art and where we are now. We have made the major changes, so we are either on the verge of some giant leap that none of us could fathom or we will spend the next few decades mastering what has been laid out to us from the masters.

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I heard once that an amateur artist waits for inspiration and a professional just works - I subscribe to the latter philosophy. I love painting, I need to create non stop, but sometimes, you just need to sit your ass down and get back to work, even when you don't want to. While you are reluctant, anxious, or wondering if the world is falling apart, I grab a paint brush.

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The future is now

When I am not painting, I am usually drawing, designing, writing, making music, drinking coffee or riding some sort of bike. Creation is a prison. Some people call it an escape, but I go home everyday and continue to work because I am forced to. I love it, but there is no way out. 

 Thank you.